Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Stitching Blog Hop #1

Saturday Stitching Blog Hop #1
Welcome to our first Saturday Stitching Blog Hop! I’m excited to see what creative stitching you’ve been up to!

Here are the rules:

1) First, create a blog entry about something you made yourself. (I hope to have a button next week – still having trouble getting the coding right – any help is appreciated)

2) Next, add your blog post name down below and then add the link of the blog entry about your project (not your homepage) . To get your link, click on the title of your blog post that you would like to enter and then copy the address that appears in the address bar up top, and paste it down below. It should look about like this:

3) Finally, show some love! Visit some of the projects linked up and leave a comment!


CJ said...

I like this idea. What are the dates for your stiching bloghop?

I would love to join in. Does it have to be a finished project ofr can I show WIP--which is all I have on hand right now.


SueFitz said...

I thought I make this a weekly get together.

All items are allowed finished, WIP or new ideas.

It's to learn and find other stitchers.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a neat idea.

Bonnie said...

Sue is there anyway to delete a link? I messed up with the Strawberry House one. It doesn't work.

SueFitz said...

Bonnie - have fixed the link for you.

CJ & Danie - I hope to do this every week on Saturdays. I would like to see more people show off their work.

Any help is appreciated - to spread the word. It helps to put up the info on you page so others can learn about it.