Sunday, February 15, 2015

SUCM 2015

Since I missed Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge (I didn’t find it until after the sign-up deadline) I thought I would do my own for March.

SUCM – Sue’s Ultimate Crazy March will consist of some SAL items, WOCS projects and some personal projects.
Here is my partial list so far will be adding as I get more patterns and kits.

You can check out my progress here

1) Leopard Eg
2) Camo Egg
3) Zebra Egg
4) Chocolate Egg #1
5) Chocolate Egg #2
6) Strawberry Egg
7) Giraffe Egg
8) Green Provence Egg
9) Star of Aphrodite Quilt Block
10) Green Bay Packer Logo
11) Daffodil (Flower of the Month SAL)
12) Owl (Halloween Ornie SAL)
13) Boston Red Sox Logo
14) Ohio State Logo
15) Chicago Cubs Logo
16) University of Michigan Logo
17) Forty Niners Logo
18) Pawprint bookmark
19) Varigated Green Mickey Head
20) Frog Kit
21) Circus Clown
22) Cowboy Hat
23) Elephant
24) Zebra Butterfly (WOCS - Spring)
25) Ladybug Butterfly (WOCS - Spring)
26) Christmas Ornament
27) Christmas Ornament
28) Christmas Ornament
29) Tardis Bookmark #1
30) Tardis Bookmark #2
31) ?

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Alyssa F said...

Fun list, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. And yes, I am way behind on reading/commenting... haha. :)