Friday, March 6, 2015

My SUCM Days 1 - 5

Since I missed Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge (I didn’t find it until after the sign-up deadline) I thought I would do my own for March.

SUCM – Sue’s Ultimate Crazy March will consist of some SAL items, WOCS projects and some personal projects.

Here are the first 5 days you can follow the complete list on my SUCM 2015 on Page

Leopard Egg

Started: 3/1/15
Found on Eggs Cross Stitch

Camo Egg

Started: 3/2/15
Found on Eggs Cross Stitch

Pawprint bookmark

Started: 3/3/15
Found at BetterCross Stitch

Chocolate Egg #1

Started: 3/4/15
Found on Eggs Cross Stitch

Chocolate Egg #2

Found on Eggs Cross Stitch


1 comment:

Weronika said...

What a lovely patterns. Will be great for easter decoration! Thanks for sharing!