Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Flower of the Month SAL

2015 Flower of the Month SAL

What is it?

This will be a year-long SAL (stitch-a-long) for 2015. We are a group of stitchers interested in working on/finishing the flower of the month charts by EMS Designs throughout 2015, and cheering each other on during the year too.

Here's it works
You can sign up at any time during 2015 by visiting here (the rules post) and using the form located at the bottom of this post.
Once a month, work on one of the flower charts
Post a progress report at the end of the month/beginning of the following month. It can be about a new start, progress on an old start, or a finish. It's your choice!
Come back and post a link to your progress report on the monthly check-in post

It's that easy! This is a low-stress SAL, so if you miss a month, or don't want to do a certain chart, that's okay. You can even modify what order you work on the charts on.

For me, personally, I plan on starting a new month every month, but you can choose how and at what level you want to participate.

If you have a blog, you can post your progress pics on there. If you don't have a blog, you can join our Facebook group and post progress/discussions/encouragement over there.


What's a SAL without prizes? There will a random drawing in January 2016 for stitching related prize(s) yet to be determined. This is how you earn entries for the drawing:
Signing up for the SAL on this page = 1 entry
Joining the Facebook group = 1 entry
Posting a monthly progress report and linking it back here = 1 entry per month you participate

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