Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stitch-a-thon for 11-28-08

Stitch-a-thon for 11-28-08

We will stitch from 6pm-midnight (according to your time zone).
Please let me know if you are joining the SAT and don't forget to let us know what project you will be working on and to post a before pic before 6pm on Friday night and an after pic once the SAT is over :)

Make sure you sign up here in this POST-you never know when I may offer a drawing or other incentive for those that take part in the SAT's and it's easier for me to find a list of participants when the names are together in a single post and I can add them to the sidebar. You do not need to post here if you are NOT joining :) Only those that are taking part need to post under this post :)

I know this is Thanksgiving weekend (Black Friday) in the USA, we may not have as many participants as we usually do-if you can't join us next Friday that's OK-we'll see you the Friday after :)

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