Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stitching PIF

I signed up to a PIF that Donna is doing over the next 12 months so I in turn need some willing victims. In case you've not done one before the rules are really simple.

If you would like to receive something handmade by me sometime in the next 12 months then leave a comment saying so on this post and by doing so you're committing to do a similar offer on your blog. I'm offering this for 3 people and should I get more than that interested I will get my nephews (Andrew & Logan) to pull 3 names from a "hat".

I will leave this open until Sunday November 30th and post the winning recipients on Monday night.

PIF stands for Pay It Forward.


robin_titan said...

I would like to sign up but by similar do you mean we have to pay it forward with something handmade? I'm not very good with handmade but I am good when it comes to having ebooks haha I can pay it forward that way-giving ebooks to the first three to comment on my blog ...?


Louisiana Momma said...

please put me "in the hat" to do this PIF... I have done it before and it was great fun..